Preppy Steps!

Buying myself my first pair of Jacks became an addiction for me.  Every prep will tell you how essential it is to own a pair of Jacks!  Not only are they a Preppy icon, but they are a comfortable, fun, feel-good kind of shoe!! I can always count on my Jacks to complete my outfits and give me a cheery feeling 🙂

 This photo was taken for the Jack Rogers Girl of the Moment contest.  I love the vibrant colors, the shoes, and of course my sweet Jaycee.
Although I love each and every pair, I do have a few favorites!
Love My Jacks
  1. Silver Glitter Navajos
  2. Lime with Aqua Trim Navajos  – These are first on my list to purchase next summer.
  3. Pink with Lime Trim Navajos  – I would do anything to own this pair, but have only seen them in narrow sizes.  Miss Janice owns this pair and wears them fabulously!  
  4. Gold with Silver Trim  – My Mama’s favorite pair she owns and graciously shares with me.
  5. Pink with Light Blue Multi Leather  – Also one of my favorites and on my next to purchase list.
  6. Lime with Gold Trim – I love wearing these with my Pink and Green Lilly pieces 
  7. Gold with Gold Trim – Definitely my most worn pair…they go with so much!
  8. Now for my very favorite pair…

Light Pink with Hot Pink Trim – My very favorite, most loved pair of Jacks!  Oh they make me so happy 🙂
I just love all my Jacks!!  I can always count on Jack Rogers to give me a Preppy Step 🙂
Jaycee Wants Jacks!!
Jaycee really wants a pair too!!  Maybe I can find some for my Furbaby 🙂
Stay Tuned!!

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