Add A Pattern!

One of my favorite go-to accessories in my closet are my patterned tights!  I can truly say that they have been one of the highlights of my fall/winter wardrobe.  Having mostly blacks, browns, navy, and beige tights, I feel like there is a pair to add a touch of fun to every outfit I put together.  
You may have a simple sweater, then pair it with your favorite tweed skirt!  Add a pair of pattern tights (in this case zig zag), and throw in a pair of bow wedges, a belt, and bracelet, and such. What a cute outfit you have!
Here are a few options for some patterned tights:
1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 7 ~
I personally have a favorite pair of patterned tights which I purchased from Francesca’s.  They are houndstooth and are available in both brown and black!  I not only love the look, but they are so soft and comfortable.
Patterned tights are a wonderful way to bring a pop of whimsy into your outfits!
Do you love pattered tights?
Stay Tuned!

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