Preppy Packages Under Your Tree

When you are in need of inspiration, Pinterest is the best way to go!  I have been in need of some inspiration for wrapping my Christmas presents for everyone.  I want some sparkle, but most of all, something cute and unique.  Here are some of my favorite present wrapping pins.

A Roll of Pink Glitter Paper
Glitter Ribbon…the perfect way to add just a pop of glitter!

A bow of Christmas lights

The ornaments are perfect!

This is what my room is sure to look like once I’m finished with my gift wrapping.

The perfect way to gift wrap a bow tie or tie!!

Maybe I’m biased since I can reed music, but this looks so elegant…

Sugar Plum Fairy Wands!

Chevron is always perfect!

How precious!!

I love the simplicity of this look.

Of course, the Lilly wrapping is always a winner.
What cute ideas have you come up with to wrap your preppy packages this year?
Stay Tuned!

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