A Great Transition

Transition season is the absolute hardest time of the year to dress, and it is surely coming up soon.  Transitioning from summer to fall can be such an annoyance…you can’t dress in summer colors, but it is still very hot outside.  I know what I am going to do to help me transition.  Cardigans are the answer.  I have several skirts that could be worn well into September.  The colors are darker, but they are still easy and breezy.  Just throw on a cute top with it and a colored cardigan, and you’ll be good to go!  I love the Clare Cardigans .  It is simple and thin yet it is available in so many colors.  
Add a perfect pop of color or a basic look to any outfit with the Clare cardigan.
How would you wear the Clare?
Stay Tuned!

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  1. I love the Clare cardigan! It is so versatile. I like to wear the cardigan with jeans and a tee or with a button down for a more preppy look 🙂


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