Amanda Catherine Designs

I spend too much time on Etsy.  I am always finding a new shop that I just can’t get enough of.  Amanda Catherine Designs is one of the most adorable Etsy shops I’ve ever seen.  Her prints are such a whimsy touch to your wall, and her pencils will add a little sparkle to your time spent in class.  Her items remind me of Kate Spade (not just because she has a Kate Spade print available).  The cute little sayings and the color schemes of her prints are everything Kate Spade is.  When I see Amanda’s items, one thing comes to mind…”Live Colorfully.”  
Her pencils are always a good idea.
This shop puts a smile on my face and adds joy to my heart.  It just makes you…happy!  My new Amanda Catherine Design prints are the highlight of my desk area.
Stay Tuned!

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