A Lilly Life – Part II

Every true Lilly girl knows that it is a goal in life to have as many Lilly Pulitzer things as possible.  Crafting with a Lilly state of mind is the best kind of crafting there is.  Last week, I featured Lilly binder covers on my blog.  This week, along with Jaclyn and Harita’s help, we have a fun set of Lilly coasters.  How did we do this?  With our past year Lilly agendas, of course!  Jaclyn bought the plain white tiles, and we cut apart our agendas to create a whimsy collection.  
My favorite part about this coaster is how Harita added her monogram.  Smart girl!
Just a happy reminder, it’s four months until Christmas!
These were so fun to make!  All you need are some plain tiles (.16 each from Walmart), your old Lilly agenda, scissors, and lots of mod podge!  Be sure to cover the entire coaster with mod podge once you have covered your tile in the Lilly paper.  
Lilly coasters are just a fun way to add a little more Lilly to your day.  There is nothing better than Lilly crafting with sweet friends!
What do you do with your past year Lilly agenda?  Stay Tuned!

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  1. These are GORGEOUS!! And they actually look simple enough that even I, the most crafting-challenged person in the world, could take a stab at them!
    I'm sure these will be a big hit on pinterest!

    J. Parker

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