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I am an avid note taker.  In class and in my own reading/note taking time, I prefer to hand write my notes over typing them any day.  It helps me learn the material better when it is all hand written.  I also like to organize my notes.  It is helpful to write them in color.  Le Pens help me do just that!  At The White Crane, we sell Le Pens in the stationery sections.  My thoughts were if they are great for writing thank you notes, shouldn’t they be ideal for note taking as well?  They most definitely are!  I also like how we sell them individually.  They are bit pricey as I’d never want to purchase a large pack of one color.  I have my set from The White Crane in several different colors to better color organize my notes.  They are considered marker pens which helps me write bolder and neater.
Seriously, note taking has never been so fun.  How do you prefer to take your notes?
Stay Tuned!

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  1. Confession: I actually love taking notes. I use colorful pens and, I agree, it just makes the whole experience so much more fun! My freshman year of college, I was actually paid to take notes. The office of academic skills, would pay people to takes notes in their classes and bring copies to the office, for students with learning issues. So essentially, I got paid to just go to class. Unfortunately, my new university doesn't have a program like this.


  2. I keep hearing about LePens… I NEED to try them. I'm obsessed with a really good colored pen, and a little bit of a pen snob. 🙂 I'll have to see where I can get them, since I'm not near you're adorable shop. How are you friend? Hope you're doing well with a new school year. I've been SUPER busy so haven't been good at keeping in touch with people. anyway! xoxo

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