Steamline Luggage

I have always wanted to own a luxury set of luggage.  Although what I have in mind is too nice to take on a plane where it will get tossed and thrown around, I would love to have it just to have it!  As crazy as this sounds, maybe I could set the large trunk at the foot of my bed and consider it a piece of furniture?  I also love incorporating a vintage style into everything.  Steamline luggage has done just that!  From carry ons, to stowaways, and don’t forget the hat boxes, these luggage sets are so charming.  
A girl can dream for a set of luggage like this, right?   
Stay Tuned!

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  1. A long time ago while waiting in the airport, I spotted a couple carrying gorgeous Louis Vuitton luggage. Since then, it has been on my wish list and will be until I make own some one day.

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