Weekend Wishes!

I hope everyone is having a safe, enjoyable and relaxing Labor Day weekend.  Labor Day is one of those “If I can just make it to…” holidays.  August is always a challenging month for me.  I love summer and hate to see it go.  Although it doesn’t actually end until September, I feel like summer ends for me mid August (many of you feel the same way, I’m sure).  I start to get depressed when August hits…I know that I have roughly two weeks before school starts back and life is in full swing again.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to stay busy, but not with studying.  I like to take everything at my own pace, get my needed amount of rest, and know how things will plan out.  Some days, I feel like I can’t do that.  For example, I plan on having a day where everything will go as planned, and then I wake up late and am late for class, causing me to not be able to spend the needed amount of time to get ready, then I have to go to work not feeling put together.  You get the picture.  I know I’m way off topic, but my point is, I love Labor Day!  It says one thing to me…REST!  I am excited to say “Au Revoir” to August, welcome September and get overly excited for the Fall and holiday festivities ahead.  Can’t we all relate?
Whatever you may be doing this weekend, I wish you a fabulous Labor Day weekend.  Rest up, relax and get ready for the excitement of Fall.  
Stay Tuned!

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