Boston Recap

Although my trip to Boston barely lasted 48 hours, I could talk about it for a time that seems it lasted much longer than that.  Memories were made, and it was a fabulous weekend to say the least.  Although my parents have had this trip to Boston planned for months, I decided last minute that I just had to get away.  I purchased a plane ticket, and I guess you could say that I kind of barged in on two days of their vacation. They were happy I decided to come along, so I’m so glad I did!  Not only being able to go to Boston, but also being able to spend time with them made the weekend so special.
My time in Boston entailed lots of shopping, walking, and eating!  Not to mention, it was blissful fall weather there.  The leaves were gorgeous, and the air was cool and crisp!  Being avid antique shoppers, my Mama and I enjoyed the shops of Charles Street (Marika’s Antique Shop being one of them).  There were a few other boutique and shops on Charles Street that were favorites, North River Outfitters and Flat of the Hill.  After enjoying Charles Street, Beacon Hill was where I spent some time admiring the weather and the quaint-ness of the city (featured in yesterday’s post).  If I lived in Boston, I would choose to live on Beacon Hill.  
Although I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I wish I had, I was able to take a few here and there.  If my time in Boston were longer, I would have had the time to take a few more.  I loved walking through Boston’s Public Garden.
With the Red Sox being in the world series, everyone was showing their team support for the Sox…including the ducks in the Public Garden.  I think these are the cutest things, and seeing them decked out in Red Sox jerseys surely put a smile on my face.
Friday was finished out by shopping in Vineyard Vines (Friends and Family sale was a bonus!) and the Prudential center, then followed by dinner and dessert on the North End.
Saturday I had plans to meet up with Sarah Vickers for a day of lunch and shopping.  We had lunch at Stephanie’s on Newbury (delicious meatloaf may I add) with Kiel and a few others then shopped on Newbury.  This was so much fun, and I’m so glad I got the chance to meet up with Sarah.  
I loved how festive everything was for fall.  Not only did I love the Jack Wills store, but I also loved this navy and pink bike!  The fall decorations in the basket were the icing on the cake.  Festive fall decorations such as these were everywhere as they were such an enjoyment to see.
A few other random photos were taken, such as this chandelier in Brooks Brothers.  I’m a huge fan of the Vickers Bow bracelets, and the lampshades reminded me of the different bows.
I could go on, but I think I’ll choose to stay away from too many random pictures.  Also, there are several products I found while in Boston that I can’t wait to feature on my blog.
Saturday was finished off by more shopping and dinner at the Atlantic Fish Co. Another trip to Mike’s Pastries followed dinner.  You just can’t go to Boston without getting a cannoli and white cherry cookies from Mike’s!
I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Boston although it was short.  It remains one of my very favorite cities to visit, and I look forward to visiting again.
Have you ever been to Boston?  If so, what is your favorite thing to do there?
Stay Tuned!

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  1. I love the combination of a chunky sweater and cords. So cute!! Could you do a post about Winter Clothing Essentials,Thanksgiving Day attire, your statement necklaces and a review about all your puffer vests? I have two vineyard vines vests but I want to buy one from J.Crew. Can you do a series on your blog with Sarah Vickers? I love when you both collaborate together. I love your style, you always look so classic!!! Thank you Rachel for being my fashion role model. 🙂


  2. Boston is one of my favorite cities to visit during the warmer months! The city is so beautiful and full of joy and culture! During my visit to Boston I was given the opportunity to attend a Red Sox game, which I believe to be an absolute must! GO SOX! Also, I highly recommend eating at the Atlantic Seafood Company…so delicious! xoxo


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