Macarons Anyone?

I have always loved the little Macaron Trinket Boxes.  One of the shops I visited in Boston had these pretties.  Seeing them in person made me love them even more!  They would be precious party favors and are the perfect vanity tray accessory.  What I love most about these trinket boxes is the tiny bow that clasps the box together.
I chose the pink for myself.  It looks so lovely pictured with my pearls and monogram jewelry.  It has found it’s new home on my vanity tray, and I will keep my pearl strand inside of it.
Stay Tuned!

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  1. Oh they are so cute! I love them! I have in my flat macaron candles. I can't burn them haha they make a wonderful decoration!
    And the real macarons are so good! Everytime I go in France, I can't resist to buy a box of macarons…

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