Dear Santa…

I ran into Santa while doing some last minutes shopping the other day, and I left my list with him!  There are a few things that I’d love to have.  
Some I want, two or three I need, and the rest I want need!
  1. The item at the tip top of my list is a camera!  I’m wanting the Nikon D5100 as I’ve heard great things about it.  It was first recommended to me by Caitlin over at Southern Curls & Pearls Blog.
  2. Secondly, I want a camera strap to go along with it.  Just a cute, preppy, fun camera strap that fits my personality.
  3. I’ve had my eyes on the J.Crew Excursion Vest in deep riviera blue. I put it on my list, and if I receive it, I am going to have it monogrammed. 
  4. There’s also a certain J.Crew Statement Necklace I’m loving, wanting, and needing!
  5. The shop I work at, The White Crane, specializes in selling fine china. My Mama decided to start me a pattern, and I’m so happy she did! I always hope for another piece to add to my collection each occasion since finishing up the set will take quite a few years.
  6. There’s a Brooks Brothers purse I’ve had my eyes on simply because it’s brown with tortoise accents!
  7. I need a new set of sheets (boring I know) but there is no better time to ask for something you don’t want to buy yourself!
  8. I love my fun little statement rings, so I’d love something similar to this anchor ring.
  9. I have had the Hunter Packable Boots on my list ever since they came out!  I love the idea of them being easy to travel with and flexible to wear.
I’m always happy with lots of surprises!  What are you asking for this Christmas?
Stay Tuned!

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