Internal Narrative – Salon Day

This is the first of many internal narratives on A Preppy State of Mind.  The other day, I was driving to my long awaited hair appointment while on the phone with Jaclyn.  I had been running behind that day and hardly had time to get a shower, meaning I went to the salon with my hair half wet and my makeup barely on.  When walking into the salon (running late as usual), Ashley (my stylist) was waiting for me at the receptionist desk, so I ran in and made a beeline to the chair to avoid seeing anyone I might know.  I was embarrassed yet so excited to get my hair done.  On the drive over, I was expressing my combination of embarrassment and excitement to Jaclyn, to discover that we both feel the same way on salon day.  This inspired us to make a list of what we like to call “An internal narrative of the long awaited salon appointment.”  Enjoy!
  1. “There’s really no point in making my hair look presentable, because I’m headed straight to the salon.”
  2. “But what if there is someone I know at the salon?”
  3. “THE DAY HAS COME! Finally, I don’t have to be embarrassed that my roots are showing or my ends are split. My hair will soon be perfect!”
  4. “I’ll walk in really fast and make a straight line to the chair, that way to avoid contact with even the receptionist.”
  5. “I hope my hair stylist doesn’t think this is how I style my hair every day…”
  6. “I can’t wait to tell her what has happened since last time she saw me.”
  7. “Oh wait, what did she hear last…I don’t want to waste time with repeated stories.”
  8. “I need to remember to tell her… no layers this time, don’t pull the ends all the way through, I want it parted farther to the side…”
  9. “I don’t have to wash my hair for two more days. That way the color can sink in. Yesssss!”
  10. “Should I get a different style? Should I cut it short enough so that ALL the dead ends are off? or just have her ‘dust the ends’ like usual?”
  11. “Hmmmm I wonder if I’ll come home with a different kind of shampoo or hair product(s)?”
  12. “I really hope no one sees me driving to the salon…”
  13. “Don’t forget to bring makeup to touch up after…the water may splash my face!  Or should I even bother doing my makeup before I go at all?”
  14. “I should probably wear a really cute outfit to make up for my lack of hairstyling effort/ makeup.”
  15. “How does she move the brush like that? My hair never looks this way after I blow dry it…”
  16. “I wish someone could wash my hair and massage my head everyday!”
  17. “Why don’t they make a more comfortable neck rest…the bowl doesn’t count!”
  18. “How much should I tip for hair therapy? I wonder if she gave me any free treatments this time.”
  19. “What life lesson will I walk away with today?”
  20. “I look like a new person!”
And the best way to end every salon appointment is with a #hairsalonselfie.  Here are our latest salon selfies.
Can you relate to these thoughts?

Stay Tuned!

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