Beachin’ It With Baby

This was Madeline’s face the second she felt the sand on her toesies 🙂
She loved stomping her feet in the sand.
Jaycee is so cautious around Madeline still!  She doesn’t realize that she’s just as delicate as Madeline is haha. 
Sun hats (with bows) are a must!
My little water baby loves the pool!
Ferry Ride over to dinner (at a restaurant we later found out was on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives).
Madeline: Swimsuits: 1 / 2 / 3 // Sun hats: 1 / 2 // Headbands: 1 / 2
Me: Cover Up: ASOS (sold out) // Swimsuit: Anthropologie (sold out) // Sun hats: 1 / 2 // Top: ASOS // Shorts: J.Crew Factory // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (70% off!)
I just had to give a little re-cap of our beach trip last weekend.  We spent a few days on Amelia Island.  It was Madeline’s second time at the beach.  I took her to the beach the first time when she was two months old and this past time at four months old.  I have to say that I felt like four months was such a fun time to have her at the beach!  I have always been a beach girl…I’d spend so much of my day on the beach reading and just enjoying everything the beach has to offer.  I knew it would be different with a baby, but for someone who spent that much time actually on the beach, it was more different than I even imagined.  Both beach trips this summer, Madeline and I spent most of our time hanging out in the condo with just a few, short trips to the beach/pool.  I don’t want her in the sun, and she gets fussy after being out for a certain period of time. I was told by many that her skin was too sensitive for sunscreen, but after hearing positive results with the natural baby sunscreen from The Honest Company, I decided to give it a shot.  Her skin did just fine, and I felt so much better knowing she had some protection even though we stayed under a sun umbrella on the beach and in a shaded area when sitting at the pool.  She was so adorable this past trip at the beach.  She loved the sand and especially loved dipping her toesies in at the waters edge.  She is so vocal and is always chattering and making some sort of noise.  It just makes my heart melt.  It is so much fun watching her discover the world around her.
I was so thankful to have a few more days at the beach.  This has been the best summer of my life having my sweet Madeline around.  School starts back next week, and although I am grateful that I’m able to take many of my classes online so that I can be with Madeline, I’m not looking forward to throwing something else into my (nonexistent) routine.  But I know it will all be worth it in the end.  There is no greater feeling than being a mama, and my heart is just gleaming with joy knowing that I am the mama to such a precious girl.  God is so good! 🙂
Thank you so much for reading and I hope y’all have a great weekend!
Delightfully Yours,

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  1. Good luck starting back to school. Madeline will be so proud to know how hard her mommy worked. You are a great role model!!!

    Oh and I beach tip. Get a stroller fan, bring your stroller to the beach and put the fan on her. While she naps, you can enjoy some good mommy time.

  2. oh, these photos are precious and I love seeing her with your pup. They look so cute together.
    You will do fine with school. Keep it up because you will never regret it. You will do fine!

  3. What a great post! Your positivity just brightens my day! I wish you lots of luck and prayers for your new journey coming up soon when your baby girl and school will compete for your time, but I know that you will do wonderfully! Best Wishes!

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