Dress: ASOS // Necklace: J.Crew & Anthropologie (Both sold out) // Flats: J.Crew // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff  // Watch: Daniel Wellington โ„… 
Happy Monday, y’all!  I love having a pair of red shoes in my closet.  I purchased this pair of red pointed toe flats from J.Crew and have loved them!  I’m trying to break them in before the cooler weather arrives, because I know I will be wanting to wear them all the time!  I find it so difficult to break flats in.  I feel like some never break in and always rub the backs of my heels.  If you have any suggestions on a great way to break flats in, please share it with me!  
Also, I love this watch from Daniel Wellington!  It offers the classic DW look but with a bit of bling.  It is a watch you will wear all. the. time.  Use the code “SOMETHINGDELIGHTFUL” on Daniel Wellington to save 15% off your  purchase.
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  1. Ling time blog adorer, first time commenter.

    It's silly but this little trick has never failed me and I use it on all types of shoes. First, put on a pair of socks (the ticker the sock the more stretch you will get to the shoe) and grab your hair dryer. Heat up the new shoe on a low setting, you don't want to risk any damage or discolouration, use your best judgement and build the heat slowly until the shoe is warm to the touch. Pay special attention to the areas that need a bit more 'breaking in' like the heal or toe pinch area. Once its warm simply put the shoe on over the socks and walk around your house until the shoe has cooled. Ten minutes should do the trick. This has saved many 'break in days' that a new pair can take to get just right. It's perfect for those special occasion shoes you may not have the time and opportunity to break in before wearing for hours.

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