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Baby Book
Baby Book
Baby Book
Baby Book
Happy Friday! Today’s post will give you a little tour through the Emily Ley baby book. Now just to start off, if you haven’t checked out the Simplified Planners, you must! They are adorable and so whimsey, but I love…well, how simplified they are. I chose to go with the golden pineapple print this time around, and I’m so pleased with my decision. And check out her adorable note pads. These are great gift ideas! So, if you know anything about Emily Ley and her brand, you know that you she is such a joy…she and her precious family! Her products truly embody what an amazing person she is, and I love that! Be sure to follow Emily, because she is such an inspiration, especially to all the mamas out there. 
Now onto the baby book. It begins with a lengthy section to give a peak into time of anticipating baby’s arrival (how mom felt or “In Mommy’s Belly”, pre-baby celebrations, etc.). I also love how there is a “Letter To You” section for you to write a letter to the baby…so sweet! And if you’ll note from the photos above, there are such fun dividers between the sections with cute, colorful prints and all. And my favorite part? Notice the little gold emblem at the top corners of the divider pages. 
Next, the baby book moves into “Announcing Your Arrival.” And at that point is where the baby story begins. From a page to fill in birth weight, length, etc., stamp the tiny hands and feet, share details of your baby’s nursery, and more, you won’t be able to leave out any important details 🙂 And of course, the last section includes a page for each month of the baby’s life. But most importantly, there is plenty of space for pictures! The divider pages are great for placing photos on as well. The Emily Ley Baby Book is absolutely perfect for capturing all of the sweet memories of your little one. 
I have had so many friends tell me how difficult it was to keep up a baby book, and I see what they mean by that now. But it is so important to keep up and something you’ll cherish forever. 
Delightfully Yours,
Thank you, Emily Ley, for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and writing are my own. 

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