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Must Have Baby Items
Happy Thursday, friends!  Today I want to share some of my must have baby items.  Trust me when I say that I have been through many baby items.  There are so many that I feel that I wasted money on, and some of the ones I never thought I’d use/need ended up being my favorites.  So here’s how it goes (I’m sure every mom reading this can agree with me): You create your baby registry and think you’ll need all of these items for your baby.  You receive them for your shower and think you’re all set.  Your baby arrives and you quickly realize that she doesn’t like anything you thought she’d like.  So then, you research other things to buy that other moms have said work great.  Then you decide to invest in a few more items and before you know it, your baby has outgrown them, outsmarted them, or never really liked them at all.  In other words, every mom is different and every baby is different, so you eventually figure out what works for you and your baby.  But these are a few of the items that I use on a daily basis and couldn’t live without! 
This stroller is amazing.  When I first purchased it, I felt like it was too big (the frame of the stroller is wide!).  I have fallen in love with this stroller so much that the width of the frame has never bothered me.  It is so easy to push and the huge wheels make it such a smooth ride for baby.  Madeline never liked the bassinet piece, so I always ended up connecting her nuna PIPA infant carrier (with these adaptors) to it.  It all worked great for us.  Now that she is in the actual seat for the stroller, it’s even better.  The seat part reclines, and the foot rest can move up and down as well which is great!  I couldn’t say enough good things about this stroller.  I highly recommend it. 
I couldn’t do without this monitor (or a monitor in general).  But I do love this one!  It’s easy to use.  Motorola stands behind their word as well, because I have already had it replaced once for free since the battery became worn out.  One thing to remember is to hold on to the box!  If you do end up needing a replacement, you’ll need the box.
The Bumbo seat is THE BOMB.  The end.  This little seat costs a fraction of what I have paid for other seats.  It is definitely a winner.  I think babies love this seat because they can sit upright in it.  I started Madeline in it around four months old, and she still uses it now.  Madeline has always been that baby that doesn’t want to be placed in anything, hates being buckled into her car seat, wants you to hold her all the time, etc.  But the bumbo seat is one of the only seats I have ever been able to have her sit in…without a fuss! 
I’m convinced that Madeline is the lightest sleeper ever.  I couldn’t live without this sound machine!  Not only does it sooth her as she now relates the noise it makes to “it’s time to go to sleep,” but it also does an amazing job of fading other noises out so that she can sleep soundly.  
If you are a baby bullet user, then I highly recommend the baby bullet steamer!  I started off steaming her veggies on the stove, which took forever.  This little steamer has been a life saver and a time saver!  
I knew early on that I wanted to make all of Madeline’s baby food.  I have so enjoyed the baby bullet.  It is such a great system that makes life easier.  From the entire baby food cookbook to the little containers to store it in, it’s simply amazing! I have learned so much about the stages, recipes, etc. of baby food from owning this system, where as I would’t have known where to start if I didn’t have it.
I picked up this little pink hamper from Babies “R” Us right after I had Madeline.  It has been amazing.   I like how it easily holds a days (it would hold more, but I try to wash everyday) worth of clothes.  I also love how I can just take the mesh bag holding all the dirty clothes out and take it straight to the washer.  And to add to the way it makes life simpler, it’s super cute as well.
A diaper pail is a must have!  I love this one so much.  It comes in a bunch of cute colors as well.  And I just ordered a big vinyl monogram to place on the front of Madeline’s (just to add a personal touch).
At first, I did’t think this would be a necessary item, but it quickly became a must have.  It has only become more and more loved in this house.  I never liked the idea of using cold wipes on her bottom. And now that diaper changing has become such a fuss sometimes, having warm wipes only makes it that much easier.  It’s one less thing to fuss about haha 🙂
The older Madeline has become, the more I use this floppy seat cover for highchairs and shopping cart seats.  Yes, germaphobe over here!  I keep it in my car and take it in everywhere!  
I hope this little list has been helpful.  Seriously, even if you’re reading this and you don’t have a baby or aren’t expecting one, share it with someone who is!  These are some must have items that make life easier, and as a mom, anything that will make life easier is worth having! And if you have any other questions or want to ask me if I’ve tried a certain seat or anything, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email 🙂
Thanks for reading!  Delightfully Yours,


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