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Happy Thursday, Friends! I’m excited to be featuring my first ever active wear post. On top of that, I have been meaning to share a few of my healthy eating tips and ways for staying active and healthy, so I figured today’s post would be perfect! Of course, being a mom is a pretty active lifestyle in itself (especially when you’re chasing a little one around), but I also find it so important to get some active time into each day for myself.
After I had Madeline last spring, I had planned on getting back into shape over the summer of last year. I don’t know if it was being overwhelmed with being a new mom or if I simply didn’t have the desire to, but I just couldn’t make myself get into a healthy/active lifestyle. It was right at the beginning of this year that I decided to get back into a healthy and active routine. I’ve heard this many times, but it started with deciding in my mind that I was going to get back into shape. I knew I had to make changes, and if I didn’t start then, I never would! I didn’t really have a plan, but I just started walking. I began to develop a love for my walks and things kind of took off from there as these changes started to become a more natural way of life. I’m just going to go ahead and list some of the things that got me on track.
A Fitness Band
One of the first things I did after beginning my walking routine was purchase a Fitbit Flex. I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love this thing (and no, I promise it’s not because of the adorable Tory Burch bracelets to keep it in haha). I love the feeling of accomplishment I feel when I meet my daily goal. I’ve pushed myself with it to where I always try to hit my daily goal during my walk each morning. It has also been wonderful just seeing how many steps I take on a daily basis. Being involved in weekly step competitions with friends has encouraged me in more ways than I could say. So, I encourage you to get a fitness tracker and encourage friends to help push you along the way!
Gym Membership
I got to where I loved my walks so much that I decided to join a gym. I wanted to have somewhere to go walk (a gym that has a walking track, of course) on rainy days, days that were too chilly to have Madeline out in the winter, the days a few weeks ago when the pollen was too heavy outside, etc. Although I prefer to get my exercise in the fresh air, I didn’t want to ever have the excuse of not being able to exercise if the weather didn’t cooperate. I know it will be great this summer too, when I feel it is too hot to be outside. Another benefit of joining a gym is having access to fitness classes. I haven’t taken advantage of any of the classes yet, but there are a few I definitely want to try sometime in the near future. If there are any y’all think I should try, let me know πŸ˜€ 
Eating Healthy
Okay, this is a tough one! It really took me quite some time to get into a healthy eating habit. When you have a baby, you not only know that you must take care of your body in order to stay healthy to take care of them (breast-feeding mamas, I’m sure y’all understand this!), but you also know that you must must must set a good example for them early on. One of the things that I have done over the past year especially is drink lots of water! I can’t stress this enough! I have a daily goal of drinking 7-8 water bottles full a day. I can remember the days when I would barely be able to finish a bottle of water in a day. I just didn’t like water, and always would prefer soft drinks, etc. But now, give me a bottle of water, and I can have that thing down in a matter of minutes! My body just craves water now, and I feel that is such a good thing! I feel so much better when I’m drinking an adequate amount of water. Something else that has been a vital part of staying healthy with what I consume is cutting out any and all sugary drinks! No soft drinks, and no sweet tea! I was a huge sweet tea drinker for the longest time, but now if I want tea, I stick to iced tea (unsweetened) only! And over the past few months, I have learned to prefer it over sweet tea. My body began to feel so much better by simply what I was drinking. Now as far as the eating healthy part goes, I first off made myself give-up a fast food (Chick-Fil-A is an exception because there are healthy options there!). I have learned that I am guaranteed a healthier meal when cooking at home, but if I eat out, I think grilled. Grilled chicken, veggies, and healthier things that I know will make me feel better after I’ve eaten them. Along with that, I also traded in lots of junky snack for fruits and veggies. It’s always a good idea to have a container of mixed fruit in your fridge as that is the perfect snack! And while on that topic, there is nothing that would make me cave into the trap of fast food more than not having healthy food on hand at home. For example, I always like to have a bag of Tyson’s grilled pre-cooked chicken breasts in the freezer. I love having veggies on hand to steam, especially broccoli (add a dash of Pink Himalayan salt, a little olive oil and a hint of parmesan cheese…it’s delicious!). Something else, that I have recently gotten into is this kale salad (thanks to Jaclyn). It contains seven super foods and is so yummy! Add some grilled chicken, and it’s set for an easy and delicious lunch. Also, I always like to start my day with oatmeal for breakfast (I add a hint of vanilla extract to it). 
The Right Essentials
Having the right equipment to accompany your active lifestyle is also very important. A stroller is a good example here. I finally invested in a jogging stroller. I went with the BOB Revolution Pro, and love it so far! Investing in a jogging stroller has not only made it to where I can start jogging again while pushing Madeline, but it has also allowed me to be able to focus on my form more and think less about maneuvering the stroller as this stroller is such a breeze for walking/jogging. And it’s a win for both of us as Madeline loves being outside and never minds a stroller ride. And lastly, I think it is very important to invest in some good quality activewear that you feel most comfortable in! I love several brands. I was so excited to try out the Yummie collection by Heather Thomson. The quality is amazing, and I love the details to the pieces, such as the mesh on the leggings. 
I hope y’all enjoyed these little tidbits on how I like to stay healthy and active. I’ve learned that it is seriously one of those things you have to put your mind to and make it a lifestyle! I am no expert, but these are simply some of the healthy habits I’ve picked up. If y’all enjoyed this post and would like to see more like this, please comment and let me know! Also, please share your healthy tips with me! I always love to hear of new ones πŸ’—
Thanks for reading!
Delightfully Yours,

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  1. These tips came at such a perfect time! Lately I've been trying to incorporate healthier habits into my day so these tips came at such a perfect time. With the weather warming up, I've been trying to go on even more walks too. You and Madeline look so cute! She's getting so big!

    Best Wishes,
    Madison | All Gumption and Grace

  2. I just had my babygirl two months ago and I have my goal of getting back healthy by fall. I started off walking but here in Texas it's been raining too much so I have been dancing a few times a week at home using my Just Dance game on the Wii. When I lost weight a few years ago, all I did was Just Dance and meal prepped! I would say the most important thing is to choose a cardio you love because your more likely to stick with it!

  3. Congratulations on getting into a fitness and workout routine, it is especially tough after baby! I also like to make smoothies in the morning or for snack. I keep a mix of fresh and frozen fruit around, sometimes adding spinach or yogurt too. Quick, healthy and delicious! Especially in the hot months. Another thing I like to do is participate in races. Some are even stroller friendly like 5Ks for charity. This helps you to have a bigger goal and can keep you motivated. Plus they can be for a good cause! Good luck with the new routine and thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  4. Stormie, I couldn't agree more about sticking with something you like! I think that is why I have gotten into walking/jogging so much. I have always enjoyed walking (especially outdoors in the fresh air), so I couldn't agree more that if you like it, you'd stick with it! Great tip! Also, congrats on your baby girl πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

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