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Happy Tuesday, Friends! Do these pictures look familiar? If you’ve been following along on my blog for the past year, these may bring back memories of a post from about this time last year when I launched my new re-branded blog. Those pictures from last year have meant so much to me, and I have enjoyed looking back at them. I thought it would be neat to re-create them this year in the same location (one of my favorite spots at NSB). Obviously, I am blown away at how much my baby has changed in just a years time!
From what I’ve said above, you can probably tell that these pictures meant a lot to me. They were a big deal (to me). Thus, a lot of effort (from several people) was put into making these pictures happen. I planned every detail from our outfits to the time we would (hopefully) take them. I love the way they turned out, and I would say that the stress of making them happen was totally worth it, because that little girl enjoying the magic of sand between her toes and her fearless thoughts of the ocean were what made this beach trip so special to me, more special than any other trip to NSB has ever been. I have always had a deep love for the beach. I’m going to try put my feelings into words, so here it goes: Basically, the magical feeling I’ve always felt when I’ve been at New Smyrna came to life through watching my daughter there this year. It was simply magical as I embraced each moment and held on to the innocence in her eyes more than I ever have before.
I have always said that there is no better way to experience the Lord’s glory than when standing on the beach (especially to catch a sunrise or watch the sunset). It is pure bliss to me. Think about it; We go about life feeling like everything in our circle is so big…at least I do. When back at home going through my daily activities, it’s very easy to get caught up in my everything. I feel as if everything on my plate is all there is and is so big. Yet, when I stand on the beach and feel the salty breeze, the sand between my toes and experience the magical roar of the ocean, I realize just how small I am, and it is at that moment that I begin to fathom just big our God is. And I feel nothing but a peace and comfort of knowing that the Lord holds all things in the palm of his hands…nothing is too big for him! A verse I have always clung to is the verse about the grains of sand (Psalm 139:17-18). It is this verse that puts in perspective, for me, the glory of the Lord as I embrace my smallness. Next time you’re on the beach, consider this: Think of all the many grains of sand on the beach. The Lord’s thoughts would outnumber them all. Take in the magnificence of the sunrise. Our God created that. Experience the majesty of a vibrant pink and orange sunset. Our Creator painted that. It is though instances like this where I so evidently see the Lord’s glory.
And then there’s my Madeline. It is through her where I see the Lord’s love shine through unlike any other. It’s a similar feeling to catching that gorgeous sunrise or experiencing that magnificent sunset. It is through the smallest little things that I see His love shine through her as I embrace this very moment…all of the “right nows.” Madeline loves for me to dance with her. There are certain songs that she hears and automatically her uncontrollable giggles begin with her stomping her little feet as she runs to me with arms wide open for me to pick her up and dance with her (this last picture above captured that pretty well 😊). It absolutely melts my heart! It is at that moment where I feel like my heart could just burst! Times like that are where I don’t want to linger in the past, I don’t want to jump to the future, I don’t want to think about the what-if moments, I simply want to enjoy that very moment. And it is through that where I feel the Lord telling me that just as the beach has always brought such special feelings for me, here are the beautiful little moments of enjoyment that are even better than that! They may be small in the huge world we live in…but they are huge to me, huge in my world. They will always hold a special place in my heart. And for that, I could never thank the Lord enough. 
So, I encourage you to embrace your small moments. You may find them through the eyes of your little ones, in your favorite activity, in your family, when you stand in awe on the beach, and so much more. But look for them, embrace them, and hold on to them! But most of all, don’t forget to thank the Lord for them. He has given them especially to you because his love for you is just. that. big.
Now, if you’ve made it to the very end of this post (sorry, I know it’s quite lengthy…I’ve had this write-up building up for the three weeks I was at the beach), here’s a little something fun to see. Wow, what a change just one year can bring!
Thanks so much for reading, y’all! 😊
Delightfully Yours,
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  1. You must do that photo again each year and show the comparison. It will get to where you can't lift her but you'll find another way. This is delightful for sure!

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