Recent OOTDs + A Little Life Update

Happy Monday, Y’all! Every so often, I like to do an Instagram roundup of recent outfits I’ve worn (better known as OOTDs – Outfits of the Day). These are usually ones that I have not featured here on my blog, so if you like these, be sure to follow me over on Instagram!  Scroll down to view all of my outfits, and below each photo will be a little info on where I wore the look to and/or what I love about a particular piece I’m wearing. And of course, there will be links to each piece I’m wearing below the photos. There’s also a little life update at the end of the post. Enjoy 😊
Hat // Scarf (also here) // Cardigan (40% off!!)  // Shirt // Denim // Bag // Booties
Here’s an outfit that I wore during our recent trip to Highlands, NC. I love this easy cardigan as it can be worn several ways. There is another photo further down of another way to style it. Also, the foliage was absolutely amazing at the time were were visiting! 
Top // Necklace // Denim // Bag // Boots
Y’all know how much I adore a top with a ruffle hem. Every time I see a cute one, I can’t help but make it mine. This one is absolutely adorable, comes in five color options, and is under $70.
Scarf // Top (similar) // Denim // Bag // Flats
These lace-up leopard flats have been a favorite pair of mine! They are very comfortable, and under $70. They were also recently re-stocked in all sizes!
Here’s a fact about me: I love statement earring! BaubleBar recently sent me these gorgeous pairs! How perfect is the red pair upcoming Christmas festivities?!
This is what I wore to my best friend’s wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner last week. However, this photo does not do this dress gorgeous! This was a quick snap on the way into the church, but I do plan to style this dress very soon on the blog, so stay tuned!
And here is a quick snap from the wedding that I just have to share! Jaclyn had the most beautiful wedding that I’ve ever been to. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and planned everything so perfectly. The colors she had all of the bridesmaids wear was stunning, especially with the colors of the flowers she chose. Madeline was also the cutest little flower girl ever and ended up doing so well 😊
Scarf // Top // Denim // Bag // Boots
This scarf is my latest obsession! It’s so cozy and versatile. The best part is that it doesn’t feel like it’s strangling you as some scarves tend to do. 
Scarf (similar) // Top (similar) // Denim // Hunter Boots (33% off!!) // Bag
Sweater (40% off!!!) // Scarf // Denim // Bag // Booties
This cozy, oversized sweater has been a go-to recently! It comes in three colors and is currently 40% off.
White Ruffle Hem Tee (only $21!!!) // Cardigan (same one in first picture but worn a little differently) // Denim // OTK Boots // Bag // Necklace
A Little Life Update: 
I can’t believe we are almost to Thanksgiving, and then we will officially be in Christmas mode (I kind of already am…oops). But that all means one more thing for me: I will have completed my first semester of the Health Information Administration program. I am very excited for a much needed break for a few weeks before beginning again in January. These past few weeks since I began the program have been nothing short of…busy! I feel like every moment to myself that I get is spent working on an assignment, watching a lecture, or reading. I have had to seriously pace myself! With that being said, I have pretty much had to plan out each part of my day to work on specific tasks, whether it is school or blogging, and stick to a strict schedule (but I think every mama can agree that many days do not work around a schedule haha). Right before I began the program, I was seriously a nervous wreck. I didn’t know how I was going to fit school into my busy lifestyle. How was I supposed to be a full-time student (doing all of my school online, so that really calls for a serious degree of pacing yourself), run my blog, and most importantly, be a mama. Being Madeline’s mama is most important in my life, so the blog and school had to fall around that. I seriously didn’t know how I was going to handle it all.  There is a certain verse that has meant so much to me over these past few months:
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
~ Philippians 4:13 ~

That right there is my only explanation to the way things have worked out. I knew that if I gave everything going on in my life to God, I would find a way to do it. I know that my strength comes from Him alone. And as I begin each day, I pray for wisdom and the strength I need to complete everything. And goodness is our God faithful. This program has been such a blessing as I am able to earn a degree in something that I thoroughly enjoy, all while being at home. And I never imagined that I would be able to turn my blog into a job, making it to where I can work from home, all while being with Madeline. Each season has it’s ups and downs and it’s scary unknowns, but I am brought to tears just thinking on His faithfulness and His promises to never leave us nor forsake us. And with that, I have learned to not fear the future. Do I have any idea what it holds? No. But I can rest knowing who holds it for me and Madeline. 
It is so important to treasure each season the Lord places us in…not harping on the past or racing into the future. The Lord has placed us in each season of our lives to grow us, teach us, prepare us for what is next. I say all of this because if you are currently in a season of unknowns, find the joy in it! Count the blessings in it, and know that the Lord has placed you there for a reason. Trust in His timing and His plan, and everything will fall in place. Trust me, it always does!
On another note, I also have sincerely missed posting more of my faith related posts, and I apologize for slacking on them. Those posts take a lot of time and emotion, and I usually find myself so emotionally drained by the end of the day that they have not been the easiest to put together. I hope to get back into posting them more regularly. 
Thanks so much of stopping by! I hope y’all have a great Monday.
Delightfully Yours,

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  1. Ahhh I love this so much! Currently wanting to copy all of your outfits but my favorite part is the end! It's SO important to treasure each season. Thanks for posting!!

  2. You should be so proud of yourself for managing so many things! The photos are beautiful and I always feel that I benefit from your faith posts – so inspirational!

  3. I think you're doing a great job balancing it all & I promise, it will be so worth it for your little girl once you've earned that degree! Also, I'm dying over your rehearsal dinner dress & those red statement Bauble Bar earrings-they're gorgeous!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

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