Pink & Black + 5 Ways to start the day off right

Black, Pink and Leopard Winter Look - SOMETHING DELIGHTFUL BLOG
Black, Pink and Leopard Winter Look - SOMETHING DELIGHTFUL BLOG
Black, Pink and Leopard Winter Look - SOMETHING DELIGHTFUL BLOG
Black, Pink and Leopard Winter Look - SOMETHING DELIGHTFUL BLOG
Barrington Gifts St. Anne Tote - SOMETHING DELIGHTFUL BLOG
Hello friends and happy Tuesday! For some reason, the winter months always cause me to re-discover my love for a black & pink look. This fuzzy sweater is quite possibly the comfiest, coziest piece of clothing I have ever felt. It seriously feels like a blanket that you’d love to curl up with on a cold, winter day. I have never put on a sweater that feels so soft. It runs TTS and falls in under $90. I’m telling y’all, if you’re looking for a sweater that you’d be alright with never taking off haha, this is it. It’s more comfortable than any pair of PJs I’ve ever owned, yet the mock neck and sleeve details make it so cute. Also, can y’all get over how darling these faux fur pom flats are?! I have gotten so many compliments on these cuties. They are the perfect neutral blush color and pair nicely with so many looks. I also love how this leopard tote bag ties the whole look together. I received this bag as a Christmas gift and have already used it too many times to count. 
Along with sharing this look today, I also thought it would be so fun to chat a little bit about another topic that I feel is a good one to start off the new year with. I don’t know about y’all, but the way that I begin my morning usually sets the tone for how the rest of my day will go. It’s amazing how a few simple steps can direct your entire day. There are five that I always try to remember and am going to share them with y’all below: 
1. Make your bed
I know this sounds so simple, but this is something that has made a huge difference with how my day feels for as long as I can remember. This is actually something that my Mama pushed me to do years ago, and it never fails to work. It’s crazy how an action as simple as making your bed can start your day off on the right note. I think the trick is that it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something so early on in the day. It tends to make me feel more organized, as well. It’s funny, I actually heard on a radio show over Christmas that research has proven this to be a great way to start your day off feeling productive. This little trick never fails to work!
2. Start off the day with prayer time and a devotion
I find this one to be so important. Whether I have thirty minutes or five minutes, I always want to make sure that I’m devoting my day to the one who holds it. For starters, I always wake up reciting Psalm 118:24 as a reminder that no matter what happens, the Lord has made this day and that alone is enough to rejoice in. I always remind Madeline of this when she wakes up, as well. Anyways, starting my day off in prayer is such a huge game changer. No matter what I’m doing in a days time, I know that I need wisdom from the Lord with everything I do. Devoting my day to him and asking for his help is so important to me. I also want to read my Bible and a devotional (if time allows for my devotional as well). If you find yourself only having five minutes or so, the First5 app is a great one to turn to!
3. Morning cup of coffee
I don’t know about y’all, but there’s something about drinking my cup of coffee at a certain time in the morning that makes it seem…just right. It’s usually about 30 minutes or so after I wake up for the day. Maybe I’m just a weirdo haha, but drinking it at the right time makes me enjoy it so much more! Most days, I’m just lucky if I get my coffee, but there is a time when I enjoy it most. I do have to say that drinking coffee in general has the potential to make me ten times more productive (so it seems). But this right here is my very favorite coffee maker! It makes the very best tasting, single cup of coffee. My favorite coffees are from The Fresh Market…I absolutely love their flavored coffees! I’ve found that drinking flavored coffees helps me resist putting (as much or any at all) sugar in my coffee. My favorite flavors from TMF are almond amaretto, cinnamon hazelnut and vanilla creme brulle. All three are amazing!
4. Get your shower!
Whether I’m going to actually wash my hair, take a bath, wash my face, etc., doing this early on in the day tends to make me feel so much more productive. This especially is successful if I can get my shower, bath, whatever before Madeline wakes up. It’s one thing that falls into the category of “me time” and always makes me feel a tiny bit more renewed and ready to start the day. So, that is why I add this step to starting my day off on the right note.
5. Familiarize yourself with your to-do list of the day
Last but certainly not least is “studying” your to-do list. Sometimes, I even find myself making mine out at the beginning of the day. It’s so important that you not only set your to-do list with enough to make you feel like you are indeed accomplishing things but also avoid overwhelming yourself with too many things. I fall guilty of this so many times. Too many things can lead to feeling overwhelmed and unproductive. Anyways, in the first little while after waking up, I like to look at what I need to get done for that day. I make a mental note of when I’d like to accomplish it or when it needs to be completed during the day and get to it. Give yourself grace by spacing everything out throughout the day. There’s nothing quite like checking off your to-do list, amiright?! 🙂 
Well, there you have it! Those are five of my tried and true steps for setting my day off on the right note. But I have to add in that not every day goes as planned, obviously. Yes, these are things that I’d like to do as they set the tone for my day, however, unexpected things do happen, and that’s perfectly alright. This year, I’m taking baby steps and telling myself that if I can even start off simply doing one or two of these things, that’s great! Remember, giving yourself grace and remembering not to overwhelm yourself is key! I’d love to hear some your favorite ways to start off your day on the right note.
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