Six Dresses (Along With Sizing Info) included in the Summer 2018 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Hello friends! Happy Sunday! We are just one day away from the start of the summer 2018 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m SO excited! If you missed it, I shared an entire post where I talked about a ton of helpful tips to successfully shop this celebration of a sale. In that post, I’m also giving away a $100 Lilly e-gift card, which ends tonight at 7PM EST. So, if you haven’t entered hurry on over and do so. 
I’m so excited for today’s post because I’m sharing every piece I’ve purchased over the past few months that will be included in the summer 2018 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. How do I know they will be included? Well if you click through to each link of the pieces I’m about to share, you’ll see that the website says they are no longer available. However, a week or so ago, these pieces were in stock in just about every size online! This simply means that they have removed the inventory from the website to save it up for the big sale on Monday. So the fact that it says no longer available (only until Monday, that is) is because it will be included in the APS. 
If you’ve shopped the Lilly sale before or checkout my post on all the details, you know that one catch with this sale is that all purchases are finale sale! One very important part of this is knowing your size. It would be great if all Lilly pieces fit the same, but of course that’s not the case. In this post, I will also be sharing my thoughts on the fit of each piece along with which size I own. I will also be sharing details on the pieces I’ve purchased for Madeline. I hope y’all find this to be helpful ๐Ÿ™‚
Lilly Pulitzer Devina Dress in Nauti Navy Boho Bateau - Something Delightful Blog
Lilly Pulitzer Devina Dress in Nauti Navy Boho Bateau - Something Delightful Blog
Lilly Pulitzer Devina Dress in Nauti Navy Boho Bateau - Something Delightful Blog
The first dress I’m chatting about today is the Devina Dress in Nauti Navy Boho Bateau. I have to say that the Devina Dress is probably my most loved style Lilly dress of all time. This is the one I wore on Mother’s Day this year. Something about the fit of this one is so feminine, flattering and fun (can we talk about the ruffle straps!!!). That’s why I adore this dress. I was at first a little concerned about the length of this dress, even though I could always have it hemmed (I do try to avoid that) since online the dress is stated to be 36 inches long. I’m 5’2 and was very pleasantly surprised that it hit me right at the knee. I loved the length. I would also say it runs true to size, if anything a little on the roomy side. I have the size 0, my regular size, and found it to fit very comfortably with a little room in the bust and stomach area. I liked it this way, as I mentioned, it fits very comfortably. The only thing I would say was that the straps felt a little big and slid off at times. And with the ruffles, they would be very difficult to alter. So I would suggest sticking to your regular size overall. You can easily take a piece in, but if it fits too small, there’s not much you can do. I simply can’t say enough good things about this dress!
I also purchased a matching piece for Madeline in this print as we always twin on Mother’s Day. Madeline has on the Mini Harper Shift. I love this style dress for her! The great thing is that she can usually get two years of use out of this style dress. The ones I purchased for her last year in this style fit her again this year (a 2T-3T). However next year I feel certain she will need the girls size 4-5. But again it will fit her next year and the year after that, most likely. So, if I purchase anything in this style dress during the sale, I will go ahead and order her a size 4-5 for next spring and summer. 
I also have to mention my Mama’s dress! She is wearing the Leigh Stretch Shift. It too will be included in the sale. I asked her, and she said it definitely runs true to size. I believe she did have the hem let out of hers to get the length to where she liked it. That’s another great thing you can do with Lilly dresses to add in length, if needed!
Lilly Pulitzer Devina Dress in Pink Cosmo Seersucker - Something Delightful Blog
Lilly Pulitzer Devina Dress in Pink Cosmo Seersucker - Something Delightful Blog
Lilly Pulitzer Girls Kinley Dress in Pink Cosmo Seersucker - Something Delightful Blog 
Again I’m sharing the Devina Dress, but this time in the Pink Cosmo Seersucker print. Y’all I can safely say that this dress is quite possibly my favorite Lilly dress of all time. I know it’s not the traditional Lilly print dress, but something about this just makes me so happy. Again, I adore the Devina style dress. But the pretty pink seersucker print combined with the bold ruffle sleeves is just about the most amazing combination ever. Now for the fit. I ordered this dress going by the sizing of the previous Devina dress I purchased. This one runs smaller. My guess is the fact that the seersucker doesn’t have as much give in the fabric as the other one does. I ordered my regular size in this one (a 0) and it fits a lot more snug as I mentioned. I decided to keep the 0, but in all honesty it’s a little hard to breathe in it haha. I wish I had gone with the size 2. So, my suggestion would be to size up one size in this one. This one is even an inch shorter in length. 
Madeline has a matching dress for this one as well. Hers is the Kinley Dress in Pink Cosmo Seersucker. I absolutely adore everything about this sweet little dress as well. It does run true to size. I got Madeline the size 3, and it fits her perfectly. 
Lilly Pulitzer Sandi Stretch Shift Dress - Something Delightful Blog
Next I’m sharing details on the Sandi Stretch Shift Dress. This one was my first Lilly purchase of 2018 and my Easter dress! Y’all I simply adore this dress. It comes in (I think) three colors: yellow, blue and white. I could not say enough about this gorgeous dress. The lace trim details are simply amazing. And it has the most beautiful, elegant lace detail trailing down the back. Obviously, I purchased it in yellow but loved the other color options as well. This dress does run true to size. I went with a 0, and loved the fit. If anything, it did have some extra room. But just enough to make it comfortable, in my opinion. I’m so excited this one will be included in the sale! 
Lilly Pulitzer Lexi Dress in Beach Please - Something Delightful Blog
Lilly Pulitzer Lexi Dress in Beach Please - Something Delightful Blog
This next dress is what I’d say is my most-worn Lilly dress of 2018: the Lexi Dress. I got so much use out of this style! I dressed it up with ease and casual it down as well. I wore it to run errands in or go out to dinner in. It is probably the most versatile Lilly dress I’ve ever owed! The strappy slip dress style makes it easy to casual down, yet the polyester material allows you to dress it up so easily. I’d say it runs true to size, if anything a little on the larger side. That is mainly because it is a loose fit, which I love! So many Lilly dresses are form fitting, so it was nice to have a break from that with this one. I ordered is in the XS and loved the fit. It’s also nice that the straps are adjustable. I’d say stick with your regular size, or if you feel comfortable you could even go down one, in the Lexi Dress.
Madeline also had a matching dress in the “Beach Please” print. Her dress is the Mini Lindell Dress. I loved this one for two reasons. First off, the balloon sleeves are just adorable! Secondly, I never had to iron this one (Yes, please!). Again, she had the size XS (size 2t-3t) in this one. With this style dress, it is another one they can wear over two years, if she’s currently at the smaller size of the two. 
Lilly Pulitzer Shelli Stretch Shift Dress in Salt in the Air - Something Delightful Blog
Lilly Pulitzer Shelli Stretch Shift Dress in Salt in the Air - Something Delightful Blog
Lilly Pulitzer Girls Mini Harper Dress in Muti Salt in the Air - Something Delightful Blog
This dress, the Shelli Shift Dress, was my very favorite one to wear while at the beach this past summer. I loved how easy and breezy this one is. And how darling is the tie detail in the back?! When I first saw this dress, I thought it would certainly be difficult to wear a bra with. However, the amazing news is that it already has a built-in bra! And a great, really supportive one as well! I think it is such a fun piece. I would say this one runs true to size as well. I also love that you can not only adjust the straps on this one but also tie the back where where it fits best. 
Madeline is again wearing the Mini Harper Shift but this time in the Salt in the Air print. Again it’s a great one to get so much wear out of. If your little girl is currently in a size 2t, 4, 6, etc. They will be able to wear that size for the next two years, most likely. And it’s another one you don’t have to iron! Again I purchased the XS (2t-3t) in this one.
Lilly Pulitzer Mila Shift Dress in Lobsters in Love - Something Delightful Blog
Lilly Pulitzer Mila Shift Dress in Lobsters in Love - Something Delightful Blog
Lilly Pulitzer Mila Shift Dress in Lobsters in Love - Something Delightful Blog
This mommy and me Lilly look is the one I shared in my blog post from Friday. The Mila Shift Dress is probably the most trustworthy, true, pleasing Lilly dress style of all. I also feel like is it the most-seen style Lilly dress. By that, I mean that Lilly brings out the most prints in this one than any other dress. I’m absolutely obsessed with this classic style! The Lobsters in Love print is absolutely adorable. I love the white lace trim details going down the sides of this one. It adds the best vintage vibe. I think if I had to choose the most trust-worthy dress of all, the Mila Shift would be it. I would say it most definitely runs true to size. I got my regular size and am very pleased with the fit. However, it is the shortest of all the dresses I purchased. If you’re on the petite side, you should be good to go. Again the great news is that the hem can be let out, which would add about two extra inches in length to this dress. 
Here Madeline is wearing the Little Lilly Classic Shift Dress in Lobsters in Love. I think the classic shifts for girls are my favorite little Lilly dress style of all. It brings back so many memories of the ones my mama dressed me in when I was Madeline’s age. They’re just about the sweetest things. This style dress runs true to size as well. I got Madeline the 3T. 
 Another piece of advice that I have found helpful is to click through to the Lilly website the night before the sale. I’m not sure if there’s actually something to that, but when I have in the past, it always puts my closer to the front of the line when the sale begins. Again, not sure if it’s just by chance, but I’ll definitely be doing it again for this sale ๐Ÿ™‚
Well that’s about it! If you follow me on Instagram, be sure to check out my stories as I will be posting a try-on session, showing each of these dresses in closer detail. I hope y’all found this helpful. Get excited and have your alarms set and ready to go tomorrow morning.
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Whew that was definitely a whirlwind of a shopping experience! I started off being number 61,448 in line. In the past, the line has moved quickly, but not this time, I feel! I was in line for almost two hours. But the good news is that when I finally got in, the selection was still absolutely incredible! Pages upon pages of dresses for unbelievable prices. I was also surprised to see that most of them from this year were in stock in pretty much every size. However, I was little disappointed with the kid’s selection. I didn’t think there was as much for kids as I’ve seen in the past. There were two pages total, I think. I really wanted to get some of the Little Lilly Classic Shifts for Madeline, but they were all sold out in a size 4. I will say that there was an AMAZING selection of cardigans in the sale. Like soooo many to choose from. 
Now, for what I purchased! For myself, I got the Fiesta Stretch Dress in “Nauti Navy Beyond the Sea” because I have been eyeing this dress all summer! I adore the ruffle sleeve details and the little cutout in the back. It was on sale for $59! I also got the Faire Sweater Dress in true navy. It’s just an easy navy, cold shoulder sweater dress that I think is adorable! It will look so cute paired with a belt and knee high boots for fall. It’s on sale for $49! I also got a new Elsa Top in the color Sand Bar. It’s gorgeous! I think it will be the perfect color for fall. It’s on sale for only $39! Seriously so good. I also got the Dusk Racerback Velvet Cami in true navy. Need I say more haha? I navy velvet cami will certainly be a go-to piece. It is only $29! And lastly for myself, I got the Feria Cardigan in the color “Sand Bar Metallic.” I adore the fringe hem details. It is only $44. For Madeline, I did end up getting her two things even though sizes were limited for her. I got her the Mini Essie Dress in the print “Off the Grid.” She doesn’t have the Essie dress, so I’m really excited for this one. I also got her the Mini Tatum Cardigan. Again I love the fringe hem details. We will be able to twin in our cardigans ๐Ÿ™‚ Her pieces were on sale for $29 and $39. I’d love to hear if you purchased anything! Let me know int he comments below. 
Now for the fun part! I’m going to share all of my favorites from every category below, starting with dresses, then tops (including cardigans), then bottoms, then kids: 

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