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Hi friends and happy Wednesday! I again did another poll over on my Instagram stories last night to see if y’all were interested in me doing an Easter Basket Inspiration blog post. It seemed like most of everyone who voted liked the idea, so I’ve put together some great Easter basket fillers for both boys and girls! I was running so behind this year and just finished Madeline’s last night. So, if you’re running behind, I’m right there with you 🙂
Anyways, above, I’ve featured some fun things for both boys and girls of all ages. I do want to mention that just because I added some things into the “boys” category, that doesn’t mean that a girl wouldn’t love them as well, and vice versa. For example, Madeline has always loved dinosaurs! And I actually ordered the Aqua Markers Flashcard set for her basket. I also want to add that I was able to find 90% of the things I wanted to feature on Prime, so there’s still time to order and receive in time for Easter. Madeline LOVES Maileg Mice! She has a little collection started and is getting one in her basket on Sunday. Above, I included the angel mouse for the girls and the little brother mouse for the boys. They’re just the cutest things! I also included our favorite Bible Story book and the story of Gaston which she just loves! It’s the cutest book. She has memorized the entire thing! And if you don’t have a Tangle Pet for your little one, you’re missing out! It’s the only way I can brush Madeline’s hair sometimes, and it gets tangles out like magic. She has the dog one and named him “Little Little” haha. These dress up sticker books and also great for traveling!
I hope y’all found this post helpful and some inspiration for finishing up your baskets! I’d love to hear about what you included in your baskets this year.
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