50 Gift Ideas for Kids

50 Gift Ideas for Kids of all ages - Something Delightful Blog
50 Gift Ideas for Kids of all ages - Something Delightful Blog
1. Amazon Fire Pink // 2. Amazon Fire Blue // 3. Little Brother Maileg Mouse // 4. Fairy Maileg Mouse // 5. Maileg Dollhouse // 6. Basketball Set // 7. Play Kitchen // 8. My First Makeup Set // 9. Madeline Vanity // 10. Navy Chair // 11. Pink Chair // 12. Girl’s Plaid Robe // 13. Boys Stripe Robe // 14. Blue Micro Foldable Kick Scooter // 15. Pink Micro Foldable Kick Scooter // 16. Seesaw // 17. Cat Stealing Coin Bank // 18. Bailey Bow Uggs // 19. Classic Uggs // 20. CharmIt Charm + Bracelet Set // 21. Mermaid Magnetic Doll Set // 22. Fireman Magnetic Dress-Up Set // 23. Drone // 24. Snowball Set // 25. Ugg Slippers // 26. Teepee // 27. Bluetooth Microphone // 28. Karaoke Machine // 29. Osmo Super Studio Frozen II Learn To Draw Elsa, Anna, Olaf & More // 30. Frozen Dolls Set // 31. Snowflake Bag // 32. Elsa Animators’ Collection Doll // 33. Anna Animators’ Collection Doll // 34. Doll Pram // 35. Corolle Doll // 36. Doll Feeding Set // 37. Color Changing Umbrella (for boys here) // 38. Kids Hunter Boots // 39. Anna Doll // 40. Baghera Ride-On Car Pink // 41. Baghera Ride-On Car Tan // 42. Music Jewelry Box // 43. Math Activity Toy // 44. Shark Set // 45. Magnetic Ice Cream Set // 46. Hand Operated Drone // 47. Globe Learning Set // 48. Toy Kitchen Mixer Set // 
If y’all are like me and still finishing up some shopping, I’ve put together a guide of 50 gift ideas for kids! On this list are a lot of great ideas for both boys and girls, kids of all ages, outdoor activities, gifts to grow their artistic passion, learning games, Frozen II and more! 
Several of these items I’m featuring above are ones on Madeline’s Christmas list (including lots and lots of American Girl things). But as always, I like to highlight several of these featured. I can’t say enough good things about the Amazon Fire (#1 and #2). Madeline received hers for her birthday this past year and we have loved it! Now for #3, #4 and #5…Madeline LOVES and collects Maileg Mice! They’re on her list for sure this Christmas. #7 is the kitchen Madeline received for her second Christmas and still plays with it every single day. We have been so pleased with it! Not to mention, it has gold hardware and a farmhouse sink (Yes, Please!). Madeline also has the “Madeline Vanity” (#9)  and LOVES it! She sits at it every day, and has asked for some “real” makeup (#8) this Christmas as she has figured out that the makeup set she has now is wooden haha. How CUTE are these snuggly robes for girls and boys of all ages (#12 and #13)?! I just love the classic pink gingham and navy/white stripes. Ugg boots (#18 and #19) are great gift ideas for kids as well. The Micro Kickboard Scooters are amazing (#14 and #15)! Madeline has this one and loves it so much! #16 this Seesaw is a great gift idea, especially if you’re giving one gift to two kids. This cat bank (#17) is the cutest thing! My friend gave it to Madeline, and she has had so much fun with it! Basically, you sit a coin on the cat’s plate, and the cat pops out of the box and pulls it into the bank. I also had to feature a charm bracelet and charms set by Charmits (#20). This is the charm bracelet Madeline has, and she has so much fun with it! It’s a great gift for girls of all ages. I also had to feature #24 this snowball set! Its SO fun, especially if you’re giving it to a child that doesn’t normally see snow. They’re so fun because the snowballs actually have the texture of snow, and you can put them in the freezer/fridge to make them cold. My parents are giving Madeline a Karaoke machine (#28) this year because she loves to sing! This bluetooth microphone (#27) is also so cool! If the kid’s on your list have Frozen II toys on their list, like Madeline does, I featured several Elsa and Anna gift ideas. I love Corolle babies (#35) because they’re vanilla scented and never loose their scent! #37 this umbrella is so cool! Madeline has one with flowers. The print it white, and when you take it out in the rain, the design changes colors. I’m surprising Madeline with this math toy set (#43) because she enjoys addition and subtraction activities. I featured this shark set (#44). Madeline is fascinated with sharks, and I’m surprising her with several models of her favorite shark species. How neat is this hand operated drone (#46)?! And a dear friend gave Madeline this magnetic ice cream set (#45) which has been a favorite of hers as well. I also wanted to touch on #50 because it is so cool! What’s so neat about it is how it’s water art! You fill the markers with water, and after awhile, the water dries and the mat is ready to draw on again! 
I hope these gift ideas have been helpful for y’all 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!
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