50 Gift Ideas for Men

50 Gift Ideas for Men for Every Guy on your list - The Traveler, the chef, the griller, the organizer, neat men's gift ideas - Something Delightful Blog
50 Gift Ideas for Men for Every Guy on your list - The Traveler, the chef, the griller, the organizer, neat men's gift ideas - Something Delightful Blog
1. Corduroy Jacket // 2. S’well Bottle // 3. Outlet Shelf // 4. Charger Roll Up // 5. Multi Tool Pen // 6. Smart Key Organizer // 7. Back, Shoulder and Neck Massager // 8. Money Clip Wallet // 9. 50 States 5000 Ideas Book // 10. Back Massager // 11. FIXD Bluetooth Scan Tool // 12. Prayer Book // 13. Nail/Screw Holder Wristband // 14. Dart Cabinet // 15. Men’s Uggs // 16. Ugg Robe // 17. Watch Organizer // 18. Backpack // 19. Yeti Mug // 20. Beard Comb // 21. Dopp Kit // 22. Rolling Luggage // 23. Puffer Vest // 24. Duffle Bag // 25. Multi Charging Station // 26. Catch-All Station // 27. Desktop Golf Set // 28. Scratch Map // 29. Grilling Tools Set // 30. Grill Lights // 31. Corn Cob Stripper // 32. Snap ‘N Strain // 33. Breakfast Sandwich Maker // 34. Spice Set // 35. Meat Claws // 36. Stuffed Burger Press // 37. Yeti Lunch Bag // 38. Tie Organizer // 39. Kalimba (Thumb Piano) // 40. In-Shower Speaker // 41. Throw // 42. Car Vacuum Set // 43. In-Shower Mirror // 44. Hover Helmet // 45. Plaid Tie // 46. Portable Charger // 47. “I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off” tee // 48. Puffer Jacket // 49. Bose Headphones // 50. Handheld Back Massager
If you’re still in need of some gift ideas for the guys in your life, I’ve got you covered in today’s post 🙂 Here are 50 gift ideas for all the guys in your life. In this list, I’ve included gifts for all age ranges, lots of different interests/hobbies, and most of them are affordably under $100. I am gifting many of these gifts above to the men on my list. I will list some categories of these gifts out below:
The Traveler
If your guy loves to travel, there are quite a few ideal gifts on the list. #4 is perfect for traveling organized with all the device chargers. #5 is also great as it is so many contraptions in one pen. #17 is great for traveling with watches. I love the #18 personalized backpack along with the #22 and #24 personalized luggage. I feel like headphones are a must have for traveling as well #49. And I never leave the house, especially when I’m traveling, without my portable device charger (#46). #9, the 50 States 5000 Places book is also a great book for a traveler. And I had to include #28, the scratch map to mark off all the places traveled to. Perfect for the world traveler!

The Sports Fanatic

If your guy is into sports and has a favorite team, definitely check out the Hover Helmet (#44)! I have one as a gift last year, and I’m giving three this year! They’re SO cool. They come in pretty much every college football team, pro football team, baseball, hockey and more. The college team dart cabinet is also really neat and a fun surprise for the sports fanatic. It also comes in several team options. And I just had to add #27, this mini putting green pen set haha! My brother for one, loves gold and is a college student. I think he will love having this while studying. So cute!

The Music Lover

If your guy loves music, set of headphones (#49) are a great idea for sure. Have y’all ever heard of a “Kilamba” or a “Thumb Piano” (#39)? I hadn’t until last year, but they’re the coolest thing and make a great gift. My brother is an amazing pianist, so I have him one last year for Christmas, and he LOVES his! My dad isn’t a pianist but just loves music. I gave him one for Father’s Day, and he loves his as well. It isn’t difficult to play at all, but makes the coolest sound! Another great gift for the music lover is an in-shower waterproof speaker (#40).

The Chef/Grill Master

I feel like so many guys fall into this category! Whether it’s experimenting in the kitchen, a love for cooking or just being the ultimate grill master, I featured several gift ideas above! #29 the ultimate grill set, #30 grill lights for grilling at night, #34 the ultimate spice set, #35 meat shredders, #33 a breakfast sandwich maker and more. I have a set of #31, the corn cob strippers, and y’all they are such a life saver and another great gift idea. I also thought #32 is a great gift idea and so useful for draining pots.

The Well-Dressed/Well-Groomed Guy

I had to include a few closet staples. I’m giving a pair of men’s Uggs (#15) to a guy on my list this year. Perfect for comfort and staying warm! #23, the Old Navy puffer vest is super affordable and amazing!!! Several on my list are getting these as well. I love both this corduroy jacket (#1) and this puffer jacket (#48). And of course I love this plaid tie (#45). and for the guy who takes pride in his facial hair haha, #20 the beard comb is a great one and also the in shower mirror (#43).

The Organized Guy

I feel like gifts for starting organized are great for the guys as well. #4 the charger organizer for traveling, #6 the key organizer, #8 the money clip wallet, #17 the watch box, #25 the charging dock for charging all devices in one place, and #38 the tie hanger. 

All for Comfort

I also listed a few comfortable gift ideas. The Ugg robe (#16) looks amazing, and a guy on my list is receiving this one. #41, the ultimate cozy throw. And again, men’s Uggs (#15).

Extra Neat Gifts

I feel like so many of these are neat gifts that are out-of-the-box ideas, but I thought I’d just list a few: #3 the shelf outlet (perfect for charring laptops), #5 the not just a pen pen haha, #6 the key organizer, #8 the money clip bifold wallet, #10 the best back massager (my dad says this is the best gift I’ve ever given him),  #11 the bluetooth scan tool, #13 the nail holder wrist band, #19 Yeti Coffee Mug, #25 multi device charging station, #27 mini putting green golf pen set, #28 scratch map, #31 corn cob stripper, #32 snap ‘n strain, #38 tie hanger, #39 thumb piano, #42 car vacuum set, #44 hover helmet and more!
I hope these ideas are helpful for y’all 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!
Delightfully Yours,
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