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 Hi friends and happy Tuesday! I’m slowly working on getting back into a good routine. I feel like last week was a 2022 trial run haha and this week is officially a fresh start. Anyone else? One of those is getting back into a good workout routine. I’m notorious for setting this goal first part of the year but have difficulty keeping it up. Last year was my longest stretch with this goal yet! I worked out consistently up until about October and only because I was having some back issues. Oh and then, hello, holidays (bring on the candy, baking and all the sweets). I really do want to get back into a consistent routine. Last week I did workout fine out of the last seven days, hit my water drinking goals each day and have been getting back into healthy food choices. It honestly feels great and I believe only takes that first step of deciding you’re going to jump into it. 

All of that being said, I decided to roundup some chic workout finds. I mean, if you’re going to do it, why not look cute, right? Last year I discovered Old Navy’s athletic leggings, and they quickly became my favorite ever! I used to love the Zella line at Nordstrom, but honestly Old Navy is even better and less expensive. Their leggings come in several length options (I always wear the petite lengths being 5’2). They have sports to mix and match with the colors and prints. I also have found some great workout tops to pair with them. Oh and huge bonus, they have some girls sizes to match! Madeline LOVES her workout sets and will wear them to jumprope (she’s constantly trying to set new records for herself haha), play, etc. So, I’ve rounded up some workout inspo today to share with y’all today! See it all below:

Workout Chic Finds - Something Delightful Blog #workoutlook #workoutfinds #bestworkoutleggings #mommyandme
Mini Look: Top // Leggings // Bra // Sneakers // Jumprope
Workout Chic Finds - Something Delightful Blog #workoutlook #workoutfinds #runningshoes #trainingshoes
Top Row: 1 // 2
Second Row: 1 // 2 // 3
Third Row: 1 // 2
Bottom: 1 // 2 // 3
Workout Chic Finds - Something Delightful Blog #workoutlook #workoutfinds #bestworkoutleggings
Top // Bra // Leggings // Bottle // Kettlebell // Jumprope // Wrist Weights // Sneakers: 1 // 2
Workout Chic Finds - Something Delightful Blog #workoutlook #workoutfinds #goldworkout #cuteworkout
Leopard Workout Mat // Kettlebells: 1 / 2 // Jumprope Set // Dumbbells: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 // Bottles // Wrist Weights // Fan // Silicone Apple Watch Band

Which is your favorite? Thanks for stopping by y’all 🙂

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