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Back To School Supplies with Walmart

Hi friends! I can’t believe we are already to August, which means we are already heading back to school. What’s even more mind blowing is the fact that I officially have a third grader!!! I know all my mama friends can relate, but time needs to slow down. We have been getting ready for all things back-to-school. We’re very excited to take on another year of homeschool!

One of the most exciting parts of heading back to school is getting all the supplies ready and organized for that first day. Goodness do I remember how fun that was as a kid, and that hasn’t changed one bit as I can see how much Madeline loves picking out her supplies now. Something that has changed, however, is the ease of convenience of ordering her supplies. Thanks to Walmart making back-to-school shopping SO incredibly easy, we were able to have everything Madeline needs with only a few taps on my Walmart App. Madeline and I browsed Walmart’s amazing selection of school supplies, found everything we needed (both for teacher and student) and PLACED. THAT. ORDER. All her school supplies from Walmart were delivered straight to our doorstep, and you would have thought it was Christmas morning with the excitement of going through all the new supplies.

Walmart literally has everything you need for a strong start to the new school year. There’s an endless amount of supplies: pencils, paints, markers, crayons, glue sticks, you name it! They also have all your tech needs for back to school. Walmart’s lunchbox and backpack selection is pretty impressive as well! And you can’t forget all the back-to-school fashions. Whether you’re shopping for the student, the teacher or both, Walmart has you covered.

During our back-to-school shopping for supplies at Walmart, we also came across this little caddy, which gave us an amazing idea for Madeline’s most-used supplies throughout her school day. It’s the perfect personal size, just for her. So, she added all of her pencils and colored pencils to the longer side. On the two sides opposite, she added a lovely selection of crayons to one and her glue sticks, erasers and scissors to the other. I love how organized and convenient this turned out. She can simply grab this in the mornings and set it at her station to begin her work each day.

May I also add that Walmart has quite the crayon selection! We found a large box of assorted crayons. Madeline also loved the idea of these neon crayons, kindness crayons, and even confetti crayons! Having all these options made the crayon organization extra fun.

Madeline was also really excited to pick our a new backpack! As I mentioned, Walmart has an amazing selection of backpacks and lunch boxes. Unicorns are her thing. As we were browsing Walmart’s back-to-school finds, she spotted this one and instantly knew it was the one she wanted!

After tackling our back-to-school shopping on Walmart, it’s pretty safe to say that not only did she find everything she needed, but she also found everything to make it HER thing! All the sparkly, bright, happy supplies that so fit her personality. If that doesn’t make for an extra fun start to the new school year, I don’t know what does 🙂

*Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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