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MAC Lipsticks - Click through to see more on Something Delightful Blog!
Bobbi Brown - Click through to see more on Something Delightful Blog!
Bobbi Brown - Click through to see more on Something Delightful Blog!
Bobbi Brown - Click through to see more on Something Delightful Blog!
MAC Lipsticks - Click through to see more on Something Delightful Blog!
MAC Lipsticks - Click through to see more on Something Delightful Blog!
MAC Lipsticks - Click through to see more on Something Delightful Blog!
MAC Lipsticks - Click through to see more on Something Delightful Blog!
MAC Lipsticks - Click through to see more on Something Delightful Blog!
Happy Saturday, everyone! Each year, I find the best beauty products in the #NSale. Although I focus mainly on clothing during this sale, I quickly remind myself of the many categories this sale includes. Beauty is definitely one of them! As I become more and more familiar with makeup products, using different kinds and adding new types to my everyday makeup routine, I look forward to shopping the beauty products included in the Anniversary Sale each year. 
There are three reasons that I love shopping beauty products in the Anniversary Sale: 
1. It’s a great way to try out new products! If there’s one I’ve been wanting to try out, there is usually a mini size or a kit of some sort that includes the product(s) I’ve been wanting to test out, all for a discounted price. 
2. It’s an opportunity to stock up on my favorites! For instance, a jumbo size of my Laure Mercier primer (unfortunately already sold out, this is the regular size) that I use every single day was included in this sale, but it will seriously last me a year! 
3. Lastly, I love shopping beauty products in the sale as it is an opportunity to find new products that I love and will incorporate into my makeup routine. For example, this year I have been able to try out some new MAC lipstick colors (from the enormous sea of MAC color options) that I will most definitely buy again once these run out. 
As pictured above, the three products I purchased are the Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Eye & Cheek Palette, the MAC Look in a Box: Saint No Angel and the MAC Look in a Box: Baby Be Cool. There are also several others that I want to mention below as I already own and love them, have heard great things about them, and/or they are on my purchase list. I’ll share a little bit about what I’ve purchased and the others I love on my list below:
#NSale Beauty Recommendations - Click through to see more on Something Delightful Blog!
This look in a box is something I look forward to every year. If you haven’t tried MAC lipsticks, then you’re missing out! They go on so smoothly and feel great on your lips. They also smell amazing!!! Each year, the kit is a little bit different (last year was a lipstick, a gloss and a mascara). This year it comes with two mini size lipsticks and two mini glosses! With the pink kit, I absolutely love both pink colors! And you can pair them with either gloss. It’s just a lot of fun and a great way to find a new color. These are the perfect pinks! Of course, I have fallen in love with both colors in this kit and both glosses. When I run out, I’d definitely buy these colors again! 
I also purchased the Look in a Box in the nude shades. I love a good nude lip and find myself wearing it just as much as my pinks, especially in the fall! The darker color in this kit is a bit too dark for me, but the lighter shade (Dandy Apple) has become a new favorite fur sure! The glosses are also amazing. 
I saw this Bobbi Brown palette in the store and absolutely fell in love with it! I wasn’t too sure about spending that amount on a palette but then I thought about all I was getting for my money. It comes with a nice sized eyeshadow palette with that most amazing, pigmented colors, especially for fall! And then is also comes with a cheek palette that has the prettiest blushes, a gorgeous highlighter and a color to contour with. I love Bobbi Brown products. I have been using the bronzing powder for years, so I knew I’d love this kit as well. As I said above, this sale offers an opportunity try out new products, and I’m now a fan of Bobbi Brown eyeshadows. 
I have heard so many amazing things about this hair dryer. Each time I go to Ulta, I always end up stopping by the hair dryer wall. Madeline has a bit of an obsession with hair dryers haha, so that is always her one request each time we go there. But I have played with this hairdryer enough times to fall in love with it! My current dryer is still going strong, but when it dies out, this is the hair dryer I will be purchasing! I kind of regret not grabbing it up in white when it was on sale. But I have heard and read so many good things about this dryer. I love the brand T3. The curling wand I use to curl my hair is by this same brand!
After trying a bunch of different moisturizing lotions for my face, this still remains my very favorite! I love how mild it is all while being so creamy and moisturizing. It is my face’s best friend during the cooler weather months haha. This duo is a great buy as it comes with one jumbo size with a pump to keep in your makeup drawer and one smaller size tube that is perfect for traveling or to keep in your purse. 
Who doesn’t love a good candle?! I have always loved the amazing smell of the Voluspa candles. I smelt these in the store when viewing the Anniversary Sale collections a few weeks back, and these of course smell wonderful! The little mini set is so cute and would be a great gift idea! Give the whole thing to a girlfriend or split the set up for stocking stuffers come Christmas time 🙂
Here’s a product that I use every single day and absolutely love! After penciling in my eyebrows, I always go over them with this clear brow gel. I like to think of it as the finishing touch to your brows! It keeps them in place all day long. It’s also a great way to kind of blend them after penciling them. This duo is an amazing buy! One usually costs $22, and with this, you get two full size tubes for only $7 more than the price of one. I couldn’t recommend this product enough. 
Simply hearing the word “Chubette” lets me know that I’m about to see something extremely adorable haha. I have always had a love for mini sized things (the obsession started with my doll house as a little girl). Well these are definitely mini and too cute!! I have loved chubby sticks in the past. I have not used them in forever, but this kit is so cute and such a pretty array of pinks. It would also be a great set to keep for yourself, gift to someone or split up for stocking stuffers. 
Okay can y’all tell that I’m a lipstick hoarder yet haha? This is another lipstick that I have in my drawer and absolutely love! I have not tried the “Super Cindy Matte Lipstick” that comes in the set, but I have the “Kim K.W.” one in my drawer, and it is the perfect nude! It’s so gorgeous and I love the way that these feel on my lips. I also have the “Pillow Talk” liner and always use it with “Kim K.W.”. This is such a great buy! One of these lipsticks is usually $34 and a liner is $22, so you’re basically getting a lipstick for free with this set. 
Well that’s about is for my beauty favorites! I know y’all are probably not wanting to hear the words “gift ideas” and “stocking stuffers” quite yet but trust me, it will be here before we know it! And why not grab things up while on sale?! Like I said above, these entire sets make for great gifts. Or you can split up the sets to be stocking stuffers. Another great idea is if you have a gift exchange of some sort or want to put together little goodie bags, it would be so cute to give a mini Voluspa candle from this set, a Chubette stick from this set, and/or a little gloss from this set! I try to think about these things ahead of time each year 🙂
Did y’all purchase any beauty products from the sale this year? Were any of your tried and true products included in the sale? I’d love to hear as I always like to learn about new beauty recommendations. Thanks for stopping by and have an amazing weekend!
Delightfully Yours,
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