My New Planner + Random #NSale Favorites

Happy Tuesday, Friends and happy first day of August! How of how are we already to August?! One thing I am excited for today is the fact that I can start using my new planner
Something that I least expected to purchase in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was my new planner for the year! I used to always choose a Lilly Pulitzer Planner. I then decided to switch things up with a Kate Spade planner. And for the past two years, I used an Emily Ley planer. They have all been amazing, but for my new one for the remainder of this year and the upcoming year, I knew that I wanted something a little bit different. 
When we were in Atlanta a few weeks ago shopping the NSale, this cutie caught my eye! I absolutely love love love the saying on the front. This little saying is actually one of my life mottos that I like to keep close to my heart. I am a true believer of doing the very best you possibly can. In school, with running my blog, being a mama and simply with life in general, when I know that I’ve done the very best I possibly can, I know that’s all I can do and to give the rest to God. That’s why this planner just resonated with me, and I knew it was the one I would choose. Planner - Click through to read more on Something Delightful Blog!
What’s Inside the Planner

Now if you’re wondering what the inside is like, let me just say that it’s everything you could ever want in a planner. I’ll mention a few of the things that I’m loving about this planner. First off, I’d say that it reminds me of a Lilly Pulitzer planner more than anything else simply because there is darling artwork to start off each month (and the artwork goes with the theme/holiday of the month). At the very beginning of the planner there are pages and pages of STICKERS! To me, every good agenda needs stickers. Madeline may find these more exciting than I do haha, but I’ll always love stickers in my planner. Something else that I think is super cute are the secret messages listed throughout the planer. In the front of the planner is a list of codes (little pictures & symbols) to help you de-code the messages throughout…so fun! There is also a huge list of holidays at the beginning of the planner. As for each month, it begins with a layout of the entire month. Then there are two huge pages for notes included for each month. And lastly, each day of the month is listed individually for a closer look at your schedule. What I love most about this planner is all of the room for note taking. There are pages for notes included in each month and in the very back of the planner are more note taking pages! So much note taking space, which I love. 
If you were thinking about grabbing up this planner, I hope this mini review gives you a bit more of what to expect with it. I love it 🙂 It’s just a happy planner that encourages you while you’re going about your busy life. It is included in the Anniversary Sale for $20, so grab it up while it’s on sale!
Now, I thought it would be fun to share a few more Nordstrom Anniversary Sale finds. This is the last week of the sale, and prices go back up on the 7th! There are so many amazing home finds + items for your personal use (like my planner), included in the sale. Here are some I’m loving:
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 
7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12
First off, I am dying over these adorable prints featuring some of the most loved designers. Hunter boots, Valentinos, Louboutins, Chanel and so much more! There were too many for me to list on here, but you can view the entire collection here! They’re SO much and so many are on sale. 
I also want to mention this throw. It’s soooo plush, soft and comes in a handful of colors! I got it in the color I have listed above. Madeline and I have enjoyed cuddling with it so much that I’m thinking about grabbing it up in another color before the sale ends. It would be a great gift idea, too 🙂
I mentioned my planner above and how it is included in the sale. But I also much mention that there is a thermal mug to match it! It’s so cute, and I think I need it to match my planner. 
I also can’t get over how gorgeous this rug is! It comes in two other color schemes. It’s just stunning, and I especially love the navy background. 
I’m such a sucker for gold accents. This little table is a great buy (only $72), if you ask me! And I have never seen a marbled + gold waste basket, but now that I have, I’m obsessed! If you love gold accents like I do, this metallic animal print pillow would add such a chic look. Imagine how perfect it would be on a pink velvet couch
Well that’s about it for today! If you have any other questions on my planner, be sure to send them my way 🙂
Have an amazing Tuesday!
Delightfully Yours,
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