January 2018 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale + Giveaway!

Hello friends and happy 2018! Here’s to my first post of the new year. And what an exciting one it is! Why? Because I’m so excited to share that the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale begins tomorrow, January 3rd at 8AM EST. I find it crazy that it’s already time for the January sale as it feels like we just had the August sale! I can’t believe I’m saying this because it’s currently in the 20s outside ๐Ÿ™ˆ but this is a great time to stock up on Lilly Pulitzer for the spring and summer months ahead. 
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If you’ve shopped the After Party Sale, then this is nothing new to you, but if you haven’t, let me just say that Lilly never goes on sale and this is your opportunity to snag some Lilly at unbelievable prices! In this post, I’m going to be sharing some important information to know about the sale, such as the dates (and time) of the sale, why this is a sale you won’t want to miss and my favorite tips for successfully shopping the sale (yes, there’s definitely a method to successfully shopping it). So, let’s get started! P.S. You’ll want to make it to the end of this post, because there’s an exciting giveaway in honor of the sale ๐Ÿ™‚
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When the sale begins and what time:

The sale begins on Wednesday, January 3rd at 8:00AM EST and runs through Thursday January 4th. It will be lasting for two days this time, which is a little shorter than the August sale. Get ready!

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How The Sale Works:

As always, when you enter the sale, you will be placed in a virtual line. Don’t let this scare you as this is actually a blessing (it keeps the site from crashing!). Also, don’t freak out if you enter right at 8:00 to see that you’re number 89,987 in line (yup, that happened to me with the past sale in August). The line tends to move very quickly, and even when you get to shop there will still be lots of goodies to choose from. But remember, you must move quickly once you enter the sale, because things do sell out in the blink of an eye and just because something is in your shopping cart doesn’t mean it won’t sell out. Be sure to see my tips below, as this will help you prepare a game plan for shopping the sale ๐Ÿ™‚ And lastly, it’s important to remember that all sales are final with the APS! So, know your size and know what you’re needing! Lastly, remember that you can shop the sale as many times as you’d like. However, you will be placed back in the virtual line after checking out each time. Oh and remember, once you enter the sale and are placed in the virtual line, do not refresh the page! It will do that on its own for you once it’s your turn to enter. Refreshing only puts you to the back of the line.
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Why you don’t want to miss this sale:

If you’re a Lilly lover like me, then I’m sure you can relate to this. There’s nothing quite like Lilly. With each vibrant piece, it somehow just makes you feel so happy when wearing it. Although I tend to wear Lilly a lot more during the spring and summer months, that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to stock up during the winter. That’s right, the prices are incredible during the APS! Also if you’re a Lilly lover, then you know that the prices aren’t cheap. Well during this sale, pretty much everything is under $100. Yep, shifts are usually marked down to the $50-$70 price range, Elsa tops are marked down to crazy prices, and so much more! So, this is your opportunity to stock up for the spring and summer. There will also be a great selection for your minis. 
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My tips for shopping the sale:

Have your account set up ahead of time
If you don’t already have a Lilly Pulitzer account set up, head over to Lilly now and do so (you can set one up here). You must have an account set up before you can place an order. It takes a few minutes, and since items are literally flying off the site by the second, you want to be able to do as many things in advanced as possible. And even if you do already have one set up, go ahead and log in just to make sure that you remember your log in info. Also, while you’re already logging in on the site, make sure that your info (shipping, billing, payment) is correct and current. If you do these things ahead of time, literally all you’ll have to do for the order is click, click and click! 
Shop Simultaneously 
You can shop from as many devices as you choose to! Shop from your computer, your iPad, your iPhone, two computers, whatever! I always enter the sale from my computer right at 8, and I also have my Mama enter from her computer at the same time. That way, we’ll both be in line and whoever gets in first can shop for the other. 
Shop Fast
Remember not to waste time during this sale. Try to know what you want well in advanced. Look through your Lilly. Are you wanting some new shifts for the spring and summer? Are you wanting some cashmere cardigans for winter? Are you needing a new Elsa? Is there a certain print you’re wanting? Are you wanting some little shifts for your mini? Think about these things now and have a game plan for the sale. That way, when you enter the sale, you already have an idea of what you’re hoping to purchase. It allows you to shop fast! Items go in the blink of an eye, and nothing is “yours” until you hit “place order” so remember to make quick decisions. This leads to…
Shop Smart
I mentioned earlier that it’s important to know what you’re wanting, because all sales are final for this sale. Know what you’re looking to buy, and don’t buy just to buy. I have fallen guilty of that several times in the past and have wished that I could return some things, but that’s not possible with this sale. Set a budget of how much you’re willing to spend, if this helps you. It’s also important to know your sizing. You can check out Lilly’s sizing info here!
Shop Throughout the Day
As I mentioned earlier, you can shop the sale as many times as you please. As the day goes on, the line pretty much diminishes. I always overlook items the first time (or two ๐Ÿ˜) that I shop the sale. Especially since Lilly will be running the sale for two days, I feel certain that new pieces will be added throughout the sale. Just another reason to shop it multiple times, right?! I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated on this through my Instagram and IG stories, so be sure to hop on over and follow me there. Something else I like to point out is that Lilly stores also participate in this sale! My favorite (local) shop, Palm Village Augusta, will be running some amazing deals for the sale. If something you’ve been wanting has sold out online, you can always give them a call at 706-922-0105 to see if they have it available ๐Ÿ™‚
Remember To Be Gracious
I always remind myself that bottom line, it’s just a sale. Yes, it deserves tons of excitement, but if you don’t walk away getting everything you wanted, don’t be bummed. There will be other Lilly sales in the future. I also find it so disheartening when technical difficulties occur, which results in some unhappy Lilly lovers voicing their opinions. It’s so great that Lilly does this sale, so remember to remain respectful and be gracious that there’s an opportunity to get such amazing deals on Lilly.
Whew did I miss anything? These are the tips I have found to be helpful in the past. And be sure to check out Lilly’s FAQs page for more! 
Tips for shopping the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale - Something Delightful Blog

Woohoo! Now for the exciting part of the post. In honor of the sale, I’m giving away one $100 gift e-gift card to one luck reader! This giveaway is in no way sponsored by Lilly Pulitzer. It’s simply my way of kicking off the excitement for the sale. The giveaway ends tomorrow at 12:00PM, and I’ll be contacting the winner by tomorrow afternoon so that the prize may be claimed in time to shop the sale. To enter, simply follow the rafflecopter widget below:

Well, that’s about it, my fellow Lilly lovers! Be sure to check back here first thing tomorrow morning for a roundup of all my favorite sale picks! I’ll also be updating the post throughout the day with what I purchase from the sale, if new items are added to the sale and more! 
Delightful Yours,
My curent Lilly Favorites:

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  1. A few goodies of life press items and Iโ€™m on the hunt for rompers, I know the traditional coco safari print will be on sale so maybe something in that! I love you posts!

  2. Looking to buy a cute romper or dress and maybe a pair of shorts and a wrap of some sort. Can't wait, though! Hoping they have some good stuff…

  3. I would love to win this giveaway and shop Lilly on my 24th birthday tomorrow! I love the Marlowe Boatneck T-shirt dress in lilac verbena pop up coco safari! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I live on the West Coast (Originally from Texas), and no one knows about Lilly! There are no stores out here either. I can't wait for the days I go home to Dallas and hit up NorthPark Mall! Your blog is entertaining and fun to go through!

  5. I definitely will stock up on some Sophie's! They transition from season to season so well! Did you see they brought back some older prints for the sale? Love love Love the written in the sun shorts!!

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