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It’s here, it’s here! The sale that only happens twice a year! If you’re a fellow Lilly lover like myself and Madeline, you’ll want to read this post. The dates have been announced, so set your alarms…this Thursday at 8am ET marks the beginning of the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale for January 2017. 
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As I said, this sale only happens twice a year (now and at the end of August) and is the absolute best time to snag Lilly Pulitzer for prices that are unheard of! Lilly can be a bit pricey, so this is an amazing opportunity to stock up on some great pieces for the spring and summer. We’re talking shift dresses (that are regularly $150+) on sale for under $100, the oh-so loved Elsa tops for under $100 and even cashmere pieces for under $100 (that are regularly $200+)!
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I know a lot of this may be info that you’ve already heard me mention on here, but I truly believe that there is a method for successfully shopping this sale. After shopping it for several years, I have come up with some tips that really come in handy. You can view the original post on my favorite “Tips & Tricks For Shopping The After Party Sale” here, but for the now, I will go ahead and post a few of my favorite tips and tricks below:
Have your account set up ahead of time
If you don’t already have a Lilly Pulitzer account set up, head over to Lilly now and do so (you can set one up here). If you don’t have one set up, you will have to do so before you can place an order. It takes a few minutes, and since items are literally flying off the site by the minute, you want to be able to do as many things in advanced as possible. And even if you do already have one set up, go ahead and log in just to make sure that you remember your log in info…I know this can be easily forgotten. Also, while you’re already logging in on the site, make sure that your info (shipping, billing, payment) is correct and current. If you do these things ahead of time, literally all you’ll have to do for the order is click, click and click!
Shop Simultaneously 
I prefer to shop by multiple devices. For this sale, Lilly will put you in a virtual line. Now don’t freak out when you hear this! It’s actually a blessing, because in the past, the site has crashed from so many Lilly Lovers shopping the sale. Some were able to get on and shop while others weren’t, and guess what? All the good stuff was gone. So the virtual line allows you to have “your time” to shop. Also do not freak out when you hop on the site right at 8AM to find you are number 39,756 in line…the line moves fast! For the last sale, I started off being number 20,000+ in line right at 8am, but was able to shop within 30ish minutes. And a huge piece of advice, once you enter the site and receive your place in line, do not refresh the site! You will loose your place in line and will be moved to the very back of the line. So this is why I always enter the sale from my computer right at 8, and I also have my Mama enter from her computer at the same time. That way, we’ll both be in line and whoever gets in first can shop for the other. OR if you want to place a second order, your shopping buddy may be further along in the line rather than you having to start at the very beginning of the line all over again. So, shop simultaneously from your computer, two computers, your iPad, smartphone, etc.
Shop Fast
Remember not to waste time during this sale. Try to know what you want well in advanced. Look through your Lilly. Are you wanting some new shifts for the spring and summer? Are you wanting some cashmere cardigans for the current season? Are you needing a new Elsa? I wear my Elsa tops all year round! Is there a certain print you’re wanting? Are you wanting some little Lilly pieces for your mini? Think about these things now and have a game plan for the sale. That way, when you enter the sale, you already have an idea of what you’re hoping to purchase. It allows you to shop fast! Items go in the blink of an eye, and nothing is “yours” until you hit “place order” so remember to make quick decisions. This leads to…
Shop Smart
I mentioned earlier that it’s important to know what you’re wanting, because all sales are final for this sale. Know what you’re looking to buy, and don’t buy just to buy. I have fallen guilty of this so many times in the past and have wished that I could return some things, but that’s not possible with the After Party Sale. Set a budget of how much you’re willing to spend, if this helps you. It always helps me! It’s also important to know your sizing. You can check out Lilly’s sizing info here! Lilly tends to fit generously. So, know your wishlist, know your sizing, and remember to shop smart!
Shop Throughout the Day
If needed, go get back in line! As the day goes on, the line pretty much diminishes. I always overlook items the first time (or two 😏) shopping the sale, so always remember you can place as many orders in the sale as you want! The sale runs until Friday, January 6th at 1pm ET, so there will be multiple opportunities to shop. Something else I like to point out is that other online stores run amazing sales during this time as they’re wanting to match the prices Lilly has. I’ve found 6PM.com to be a great option in the past! 
What Should You Look For in the Sale?
Back to the game plan of what you should shop for…I always like to remember the “hot” items. Are you a bride? There’s always a great selection of white dresses in the sale! And for the wedding guests! Do you need any dresses to wear to upcoming summer weddings? Go ahead and look for the perfect Easter Dress!  Do you have an upcoming tropical vacation to buy for? For this sale, I typically look for shiftscardigansElsa Tops and baby shifts for Madeline. My two absolute favorite items to shop for in the After Party Sales are cashmere cardigans (these are always such a steal…during the last sale, I purchased one for $69 that was regularly prices at $258!) and Elsa tops. Again, I wear my Elsa tops all year round…with shorts during summer, under cashmere during the winter, etc.
Now, here’s one last secret that I like to let y’all in on. In my past experiences with shopping the sale, I have noticed that Lilly takes off all of the items that will be included in the sale days before the sale begins. So, everything you are seeing on the site right now (new arrivals, etc.) will most likely not be included in the sale. But if there was a certain item you loved and no longer see it on the site, don’t freak out! Keep an eye out for it in the sale as there’s a good chance it has become an item for the After Party Sale
So, set your alarms for bright and early this Thursday morning!!! I suggest getting on LillyPulitzer.com a few minutes before 8 and keep refreshing until you receive a page telling you what number you are in the virtual line (that will let you know that the sale has officially begun ahh!). Then stop refreshing, take a deep breath, wait patiently and enjoy the sale! 
Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale - Something Delightful Blog
Be sure to check back here tomorrow for a fun Lilly outfit post along with my sale favorites! I will also be providing updates on the sale throughout the day on the post, my Instagram and Snapchat (username: rtimerman).
Are you ready to shop the After Party Sale? Get excited! What do you love to look for in the sale?
Delightfully Yours,
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